New Adventures: Ansible Edition

New Adventures: Ansible Edition

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I am honored, excited, nervous, humbled, and over all elated to announce that starting December 1, 2017 I will be a member of the Ansible Core Development Team at Red Hat where I will work primarily on Upstream Ansible (what most people would likely know as just 'Ansible', 'Ansible Core', or 'The Ansible Project' depending on who you talk to).

This was without a doubt the most difficult decision I've ever made in my professional career to date. Working on the Fedora Engineering Team had been a dream of mine since I was in college and I finally achieved it a few years ago. I love the team, I love work we do, and I genuinely believe we're making a positive impact on the greater open source community. I take a lot of pride in that. I never foresaw a future in which I'd find something that drew my interests in another direction, but then Ansible came into existence. I've been a big fan of Ansible since the project's beginnings and have upstream contributions dating back to it's early versions. It's become a newfound driving passion of mine and when I was approached with the opportunity to work on it full time, it was something I was extremely excited about and I simply couldn't pass it up.

I want to be clear: I will not be abandoning the Fedora Project by any means, I've been a community contributor to Fedora since 2008 and have done so under employment of my three previous employers as well as two Teams since joining Red Hat. I have no plans of changing that now. I'm simply going to have to scale back my daily responsibilities due to new priorities. I have every intention of continuing to serve as an elected member of the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee and will seek re-election when the time comes. I will also remain active in the Fedora Atomic Working Group as much as possible.

While this was extremely bitter sweet because of my lineage with Fedora and my earnest enjoyment of working on the Fedora Engineering Team, I'm extremely excited and am really looking forward to joining the ranks of the Ansible Team.

A big thank you to the entire Fedora Engineering Team, they are a absolutely stellar group of people and I will always look back on our time together fondly.

Until next time...